Lynryd Skynyrd: No Free Bird

Thursday 02 April 43560 Shares

Lynryd Skynyrd: No Free Bird

In a shocking disclosure made to earlier today, member of the current incarnation of classic rockers Lynyrd Skynyrd have revealed that they will not be playing "Free Bird" on their 2017 North American tour.

The song, long a staple of the band's live performance, features several epic length solos and has been a crowd favorite since it's release on the band's 1974 release, "(Pronounced 'L?h-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd)."

Sources close to the band reveal a different story though. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a member of the road crew told us exclusively the real reasons. "The band is just getting tired of it. Jonny (Van Zandt, lead vocalist) treats Free Bird as a break from the rest of the show. He'll flat out leave the show, go to a nearby bar, hammer down a few cold beers, do some online trading, sober up, drive really slowly back to the show and still have time to get back on stage for the bow at the end of the show. He's treating Free Bird like a break, and we have to stay on stage and play those solos."

In recent performances, Free Bird has been replaced by "I Ain't the One," a song that doesn't even have it's own Wikipedia entry.