K. K. Downing back in Judas Priest

Wednesday 08 July 79908 Shares

K. K. Downing back in Judas Priest

We did not see this coming... After all the recent interviews following the publishing of former Priest guitarist biography, where he have been slamming his old colleagues, most people thought all doors was closed for a happy reunion.

But, earlier today the band’s manager, Jayne Andrews announced that the original guitarist will join Judas Priest on stage February 11, next year when their tour will come to the O2 Arena, London UK.

The band give no more info at the moment, other than saying the axe is buried, and life is to short to grudge over mediacreated misunderstandings. Hopefully this will end all disputes, and K. K. Downing will join the band on a permanent basis.

Long live The Metal Gods!!!