BTS's RM tests positive for coronavirus.

Thursday 09 July 26366 Shares

BTS's RM tests positive for coronavirus.

K-pop star and a leader BTS's Kim Nam-joon, better known as RM, has expressed disappointment over the recent cancellation of the group's Seoul concerts due to coronavirus concerns. He didn't know back then that it will be even worse for BTS.

Bang Si-hyuk, the owner of BTS's company BigHit, published a message on the Twitter media about COVID-19 and RM. How RM got infected by Covid-19 remains uncertain. Speaking about the same, the spokesperson said, "It is not possible to ascertain from whom he caught the virus owing to the high number of artists that have been in BTS's surroundings."

There might be more of Korean pop artists suffering from this virus, but it's uncertan. Other members of the group and another BigHit's group called TXT, have been put to quarantine too, waiting for the test results. RM is now in the most quality's doctor's hands, which is the only thing ARMY (;BTS's fandom name) can be happy about.