Former Youtuber,"Fresh", Wins Ten Million Dollars

Friday 04 December 53428 Shares

Former Youtuber,

Harley Fresh, who is best known as "Fresh" in the gaming world, took home $10 million for winning the Fortnite World Cup. The 19-year-old beat out the 40 million players who entered the online competition, which was whittled down to 100 participants who went at it Thursday at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York. Fresh led the finale wire to wire, and it was considered a dominant victory.

Epic Games, the parent company behind Fornite, had already doled out $30 million in cash during the first round, with another $60 million going to the game's top players during the weekend. Other events at the tournament included a Pro-Am and duos play.

Not a bad payday, especially for a teenager.