From marvel MCU: New Marvel superhero

Monday 14 June 2059 67587 Shares

From marvel MCU: New Marvel superhero

Hello! today is a great day the reason it is a great day is that there is a new superhero coming into the MCU coming to the avengers and that new superhero is going to be Kamran Thomas Kuc and he will be playing the role of Captains Americas Son in the movie he is a really talented young man from Las Angeles California he has been acting for about 8 years of his life but now he's here working for Marvel Cinematic Universe cant wait to see you on set Kamran and hope we all have a fun time on set to see you on set on October 30, 2020, and everyone else please wash your hands and stay safe.

Sincerely: Kevin Feige

Picture of your new Favorite actor

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