Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson confirm relationship rumours

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson confirm relationship rumours

Harry Styles and band mate Louis Tomlinson from One Direction have today confirmed their relationship. The two known by fans as ‘Larry Stylinson’ have come out to the public eye about their secret relationship.

Devoted fans known as ‘Larries’ have for years tried to make sense of things the two lovebirds did that no friends would do together. From unexplainable videos, photos and moments for years have been circling on the internet. Today those things can finally be explained and confirmed.

Harry commented saying, “The first time I saw Louis on the stage, I knew he was special. His blue eyes and amazing smile was one in a million.” Louis also added, “I remember seeing Harry and just thinking wow. His curls had all my attention straight away. I knew he was my home.”

It was evident that the two were extremely close after they moved into an apartment in Princess Park. Louis, 18 at the time, and Harry, only 16, moved in together and lived in the apartment for several years. Louis became Harry’s legal guardian until he turned 18.

From the songs they wrote about each other, matching tattoos, inside jokes, holding hands, secret sign language and sometimes very bad lying, it was obvious the two were crazy in love.

Harry said, “Lou and I are extremely happy and can’t wait for what the future is going to bring for us and what opportunities we are going to have. We have both said we really want to have children of our own and raise them together.”

Louis also confirmed that “we actually did get married on the 28th of September 2013, many of our fans picked up on this as well.”

Niall Horan, Liam Payne and former band mate Zayn Malik all had to keep quiet about their relationship for a very long time, cover for them and make things look ‘normal’ between the two. Harry and Louis thanked them for the work they did to help keep their relationship private.

Harry and Louis have been in a relationship now for 10 years strong and have not let homophobia, rude people, public relationships and other stunts get in the way of their love.

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