Rhiannon comes out as a nonce

Friday 23 April 2059 61561 Shares

Rhiannon comes out as a nonce

A woman, 24 has been caught joining discords with underage males, she has been trying to get personal information claiming she could give the world.

She bought her friends in to the conversation and when the young boys declined she threatened them with finding their parents and telling them horrible things beyond your imagination!

She was mocking the poor, the homeless, and people with mental health yet was in denial of her gay lover Pri...
She was caught asking the boys for sexual interaction and as mentioned before they declined graciously, in such light she started private messaging a boy harassing him saying she has information on all 4 boys involved and would find them and make them regret their decision.

WorldNonceHateDay shall commence on April 2nd and has made impact on people who have been nonced on thankfully the girls have not been heard from in a while but an image was shared across the nation and as predicted it has come to pass.

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