A candidate from Fort Boyard found in a cell after being forgotten for 7 years in the fort.

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A candidate from Fort Boyard found in a cell after being forgotten for 7 years in the fort.

Incomprehension for France Television after the discovery of this weekend. A former Fort Boyard contestant, who was overlooked during a showdown in one of the cells over seven years ago.

With a thin face, Daniel Hanson has come back from afar. The man, currently in hospital, has yet to tell investigators his full story, but we are beginning to understand what happened. “It was during a game of the broadcast recorded on the Fort. The ordeal did not go as planned, in fact, he was unfortunately not able to finish on time and he remained a prisoner as required, "said an investigator. For some unexplained reasons, the rest of his teammates and teams will then forget him in his cell after the show ends. "Everyone thought they made it home on their own, or that upset that they failed, they didn't want to talk to the rest of the team again," said Karen, her teammate at the time. The next show, no one went to see that cell, which was then forgotten. There are hundreds of such cells all over the Fort, ”says Colin Jamiel, producer of the show. The thick walls of the site must have contained Daniel's calls for help. The young man will miraculously survive by feeding with spiders, mouses, rats and roots. Daniel's ordeal will last for seven long years. Until this weekend, when a team responsible for renovating parts of the Fort reopens their cell. They discover there a man, long hair, almost blind. So far the former candidate has not expressed any willingness to prosecute his former comrades and the production of the show.

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