Large dark colored creatures seen peeking at bikini fotoshoot. By Tyler Durden Zero Hedge dot com

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Large dark colored creatures seen peeking at bikini fotoshoot. By Tyler Durden Zero Hedge dot com

What is being described as an obvious bigfoot sighting in Oregon has a few high fashion models feeling pretty special, as if they already weren't special enough already.

During a high fashion swimwear fotoshoot collaboration between Portland Fashion Week and Bikini Hut this last Saturday from the Chinook Landing Boat Launch just 15 miles from downtown Portland, Oregon, several spectators have reported seeing 2 large, dark, hairy two legged creatures watching the models whilst behind a grove of old growth cotton wood trees. Being described as 2 separate individuals, one approximately 7 feet tall and very dark in colour, and another being 3 feet tall though being much lighter in shade, it is being speculated by Oregon Fish and Wildlife that a mommy and baby Bigfoot might possibly have stopped by to see what all of the commotion was about.

Executive Director of Portland Fashion Week Fiona Foulk when asked if she was aware of anything at the time said "No not even, we have great chaperones and security and they saw nothing either, but we love it when people watch our public fotoshoots it gives them an insider view into a glamorous lifestyle we all want a peek at, so why would mommy and kiddo Big Foot be any different? And We would love to see them walk down our runway this August! Give them my contact info?

Model Emily Posey had the same take: "I love it when people support our local fashion scene and Mrs Sasquatch is welcome to walk with me down any Portland Fashion Week runway any day of the week!"

Portland Fashion Week chaperone Jason Pence wasn't as enthusiastic as the ladies and suggested next time just come say hi and not to hide in the shadow like a creeper. However when it was explained that a young one was in attendance his fatherly figure emerged stating "how darling that would have been to meet mommy and baby bigfoots, I'd even baby sit".

Keep Portland Weird is the city's slogan after all. Why would 15 miles away make any difference?

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