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We are getting closer to the season and let’s just say this weekend was a BIG DOG preseason weekend! Let’s start with FU 12u jumping out the gate to play 3rd in the nation District Heights(Hit Squad), FU been talking all this shit and had the audacity to not even score. I mean their new OC “Guru” Brandon Morton decided to throw the ball 200x in the game when in all actuality all he had to do was run the fuckin ball, Everybody know they have a 2 times champion and 4 times pro bowler has quarterback in Hayes McGinnis and a arsenal at receivers (Roscoe, Duece, Nohah, Maliki and more)..but…RUN THE FUCKIN BALL! During the game, Calvin, Killa Cody’s dad yelled “CODY FUCK THE BALL CARRIER SON ..GO HIT B ASS!”. Marci and Cache kept tryin to force positive vibes on Blak & Zay(who’s clearly not positive people), Zay stated to Marci “Being positive while getting yo ass kick is like moaning and throwing it back while being raped”. Coach B came back and redeemed his self by calling a perfect game beating the West Orlando Jags 37-6 and guess what …Coach B ran the fuckin ball. Well FU 12u have some big match ups every weekend....can they hold up to that big team? The best teams at 12u nationally was at the Savannah tournament but guess who backed out.....THE SPACE JAMS ABA! Yep, the top recruiters of 12u, these niggaz recruited kids from group homes and halfway houses … they actually called God himself to recruit Jesus but God stated “Hell no…my son playing for FU”. Nobody knows this but ABA was set to play District Heights before FU but instead they backed out to go to preseason National.....they thought that would end in a victory because it was actually no teams there(nationals was dead asf and only 37 people showed up this year …but guess who did show up?? The 7v7 and preseason champs (always) EAST METRO! Yep they beat ABA space jamers (ABA uniforms every year look like sum Goodwill rejects, Hilton will be disowning that team pretty soon due to those uniforms). Now what about those Vikings seriously what about them? Anybody seen them? Some how Trent think they are top dogs...but ain’t played nobody … I mean nobody …no scrimmage or nothing ..yea moving right along!

Let’s keep Ms. Brianna in our prayers because her twin city 6u lost this weekend and I’m sure her butt hurts on both sides right now! At 7u we had hapeville vs RDU which resulted in a Tie..and everyone had RDU winning, WRONG! Hapwville stood up big time! Ga Eagles killing the uniform game at 8u as wel(ABA need their stylist number ASAP!) and last but definitely never least.......let’s go to our favorites RDU! Rdu land have not been to great as they say they are. Lou Kane AKA jacques took a big L to the underdogs rarebreeds 10u! Yes you heard it, Lou Kane who think his team is the greatest of all 10u lost to Rarebreeds. Big Marc dialed up some plays and had Lou Kane running a screen play with his RB for the extra point???? In other words, i think Lou Kane ran out of plays. I bet Lou rather lose in court than to lose to Marc guru shit talkin ass. 10u seems like a mix up now.

RDU 12u did not participate in the big “national “ tournaments this weekend which they stated thats the only reason they was in full equipment late December cause they only playing national teams this year….oh ok

*Ashley Marie worked out for 2 years straight to only get pregnantt…see page 17

*Teekia Cain ready to shoot the park up about a chair she stole 1st …see page 26

*DH hit squad throwed a pool birthday party in FU hotel and didn’t invite they losing ass…see page 11

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