Nathania Becomes A Real Country

Thursday 16 September 2059 92326 Shares

Nathania Becomes A Real Country

Welcome to Nathan News. Today is a happy day because Sheffield is now called Nathania. If you did not know that today Sheffield became an independent country and changed the name to Nathania. The reason is because The United Kingdom is no more. Since Nathania is now a country with myself as your totalitarian dictator, there will be new rules, the first rule is that everyone is great and the second rule is to obey the new government. Make sure there is a television and a radio because all things are controlled by me. The Nathania flag is my logo but with red and black. The things I said are stupid so you can tell that this a meme and not real. Oops I blown my cover and I hope you are doing great while I am in power. Also you forgot about that other thing on that stupid logo because the thing is that I am your dictator of the country. Since the new country is born you can go do something stupid like run around like crazy. See you later in Nathan News.

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